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Jean Thomas, the Traipsin' Woman, Collection

Collection Description

Jean Thomas traveled eastern Kentucky taking snapshots of the mountain way of life. She was particularly interested in the music, crafts, and language patterns of the area. Included in the digital collection are 1,076 photographs of and by Jean Thomas during her travels throughout the eastern Kentucky mountains and the staging of the annual American Folk Song Festival.

Hatfields and McCoys

Bud McCoy visits Grover Hatfield and his children, Cannonsburg, Kentucky, 1942. (ULPA 1979_033_0035)

man on horse

Dr. Rice on horseback. (ULPA 1979_033_0639)


Ed Morrison playing 54-string (hammer) dulcimer. (ULPA 1979_033_0681)

flat boat

Group of men on flatboat. (ULPA 1979_033_1054)


Guitar player at American Folk Song Festival, Carter Caves State Park, Olive Hill, Kentucky, June 7-9, 1968. (ULPA 1979_033_1048a)