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Archives & Special Collections (ASC)

University of Louisville Building Reference Files: S


  • Sackett Hall, Frederic M. (Speed)
  • Schneider Hall, Evelyn J.: General
  • Schneider Hall, Evelyn J.: Photos
  • Schnellenberger Football Complex, Howard (See also: Papa John's Cardinal Stadium)
  • Schultz Building (MedCenterOne) (Health Sciences Campus)
  • Segell Park, Jack (Floyd Street)
  • Service Building (See: Administrative Annex)
  • Service Complex
  • Shad Mason Hack Shack (See: Patterson Stadium)
  • Shelby Campus (See: Burhans Hall; Center for Predictive Medicine; ShelbyHurst Office Building; U of L--Shelby Campus)
  • ShelbyHurst Office Building (Shelby Campus)
  • Shipp Street and Wall
  • Shumaker Research Building, John
  • Silas Miller (See: Arts and Sciences)
  • Silos *razed*
  • SkyDance Sculpture (Business School)
  • Soccer Stadium (See: Lynn Stadium)
  • Southern Kitchens Warehouse
  • Southern Police Institute (See: McCandless Hall)
  • Speed Hall, J.B.
  • Speed Hall, William S.
  • Stansbury Park
  • Steam/Chill Plant (Floyd & Warnock)
  • Stevenson Hall, Guy
  • Strickler Hall, Woodrow and Florence
  • Student Activities Center (See: Swain Student Activities Center)
  • Student Health Services Building (See: Student Services Annex Building)
  • Student Recreation Center
  • Student Services Annex Building (formerly Bearings Building)
  • Student Union Building *razed*
  • Swain Student Activities Center, Donald C. and Lavinia L. (SAC): General
  • Swain Student Activities Center, Donald C. and Lavinia L. (SAC): Photos

For More Information

Reference files contain newspaper clippings, brochures, flyers, photographs, correspondence, and similar materials that are too small to constitute a collection on their own. Files vary considerably in size, from just a few newspaper clippings to several folders of clippings, letters, memos, photographs, etc. These files may all be accessed on-site in the Archives & Special Collections (ASC) research room. For information on visiting ASC, see our Archives Users' Guide.

Questions? Contact the Archives by email, or by telephone (502-852-6752).