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African American Life in Louisville: Secondary Sources

Secondary Sources (Papers, Books, etc.)


Brick Yard Holler and a History of the Black Community of West Point, Kentucky. Gaylen Goldsmith, 1999.
A self-published history of the black community of West Point, Kentucky, by a local resident, based on research in published materials, court record, census records, and oral histories.

Student Papers from courses at the University of Louisville, 1943-1987

  • "Black Political Involvement in the 1920 and 1925 Bond Issues in Louisville"
  • "Establishment of the Office of Black Affairs at the University of Louisville"
  • "Establishment of the Western Colored Branch Library"
  • "Legal Aspects Surrounding the Integration of the University of Louisville"
  • "Life of Miss Emma Lewis Minnis from 1881-1972"
  • "Louisville Municipal College"
  • "Louisville Southern Baptists and Racial Justice"
  • "Murray Atkins Walls and the Integration of the Louisville Free Public Library"
  • "Public Housing in Louisville"
  • "Racial Segregation at Churchill Downs"
  • "Student Life at Louisville Municipal College"
  • "Trial of the Black Six"