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UofL Folio and Your Research Profiles

This guide includes information about how to use UofL Folio and related systems

Information needed for Activity Reports in UofL Folio

UofL Folio *

The University of Louisville’s online system for faculty to record their accomplishments related to teaching, research, creative production, service activities, and community engagement. It is a tool to help faculty prepare for and conduct reviews such as annual performance evaluations, promotion and tenure reviews, and periodic career reviews.

This guide includes instructions on how to add works to UofLfolio it also covers instructions on how to use some other important research profiles such as ORCID and ThinkIR.

View more information about UofL Folio or sign in to UofL Folio to use it.

Information needed for generating activity reports

Besides the regular citation, the following elements are required:

  • A unique identifier such as ISBN, DOI, or direct/permanent URL
  • Activity Classifications (e.g. peer review)

Ways to add works or import to UofL Folio

  1. Accept from IDS (Interfolio Data Service)
  2. Import from a file in BibTeX or RIS format
  3. Import from Medline / PubMed
  4. Import from Web of Science
  5. Import from ORCID

(Currently, there are some issues with this integration. So, it is not recommended to use the integration at this time, but to export data in BibTeX. See Export Works from ORCID for more details.)

* Note: UofL Folio is the customized name for Interfolio's Faculty180 system used at UofL.