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Dwight Anderson Memorial Music Library

Music Library Services: Printing & Copying


You can print from the computers in the Music Library. A couple things you need to know:

  • You'll need your Cardinal Card with enough money credited on it for the job.
  • Each page costs 11 cents.

The printer is on the round computer table on the first floor.


You can copy print materials in the copier room on the second floor. The copier accepts the Cardinal Card and change. A change machine is located next to the copier.

Cardinal Card

You can add money to your card at the Cardinal Card machine located on the first floor near the entrance. You can also add funds online.

Copying Recitals

The Music Library will provide one copy of School of Music recitals and concerts to UofL students and faculty for instructional use. Students and faculty who are ensemble directors or performing in recitals may fill out a Recital Duplication Request Form.

Copies can be made from CD,DAT, cassette, or reel tape. All copies are made to CD.

Fees for this service are as follows. (Bring your own blank CD and you will not be charged the materials fee.)

Labor (for UofL faculty)
Labor (for all other patrons)
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