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Kentucky Law: Other States

Finding legal materials for states other than Kentucky

State Materials

We primarily focus on collecting Kentucky materials, but do have limited collections for some other states. Electronic databases provide access to extensive resources for all 50 states, and an outline of the state statutes and reporters held in print at the library is provided here.

50-State Surveys

  • Comparative analysis of a legal issue across multiple jurisdictions
  • Provides deep research content
  • Shows a variety of problem solutions tried by states



Statutes in Print

State Statute Print Holdings
State Date
Alabama Current
Colorado Current
District of Columbia Current
Georgia Current
Idaho Current
Indiana Current
Kentucky Current
Maryland Current
Montana 2015
Nebraska Current
New Hampshire Current
New Mexico Current
Nevada Current
North Carolina 2015
North Dakota 2015
Ohio Current
Oregon 2015
Tennessee Current
Utah Current
Vermont Current
West Virginia Current
Wyoming Current

Reporters in Print

Reporters - Print Holdings
Reporters Date
Atlantic Reporter 2013
Bankruptcy Reporter 2013
California Reporter 2013
Education 2013
Federal Rules Decisions Current
Federal Reporter 2016
Federal Supplement 2016
North Eastern Reporter 2013
North Western Reporter 2013
New York Supplement 2013
Pacific Reporter 2013
Supreme Court Reporter Current
South Eastern Reporter 2013
Southern Reporter 2013
South Western Reporter Current
United States Reports Current

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