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University Libraries Student Assistant Resources: Job Types

Supervisors will hire students as either a Student Assistant I or Student Assistant II position based on the assigned level of duties/responsibilities. The generic duties described above are meant to provide guidance for creating specific positions appropriate for your departments.

Each year, SAT will establish the hourly minimum pay rates for each level and the schedule for annual increases. Pay rates for College Work Study students are set by Financial Aid. Students who participate in this program may be hired into either level but will be paid at the rates established for the CWS program.

Departmental allocations for hiring student assistants are made by the Dean at the beginning of each fiscal year. Departments may hire students at either level as needed but must stay within their allocations. Unit Heads are responsible for ensuring the allocations are not overspent. To assist them with planning, the Lead Fiscal Officer provides bi-weekly updates on projected balances.

Approved by SAT
September 8, 2020

Job Descriptions
Job Title Generic Description / Typical Duties
Student Assistant I

Assists with routine library operations. Typical duties may include: Answering general questions about the library and campus; Charging and discharging books, media, laptops and other materials; Delivering mail; Filing; Making photocopies; Processing interlibrary loan materials; Scanning; Shelving books and journals; Word processing.

Minimum pay rate established each year by SAT.

Student Assistant II

Performs complex tasks with minimal supervision. Typical duties may include: Answering questions through the libraries’ chat services; Assisting users with intermediate technology issues; Installing and updating computer hardware and software; Opening or closing the library; Serving as a floater in research instruction sessions; Staffing events; Training or supervising Student Assistant I employees .

Minimum pay rate established each year by SAT.

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