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Archives & Special Collections

Open Records Request: Home

Use this form to request materials subject to the Kentucky Open Records Act.

If you wish to inspect University records, you may submit your request via this online form, print the form and complete it by hand. If the requested records are not available for your inspection at the time of your request, a written response containing instructions on how you can review the records will be mailed to you within three working days. You may request copies, which will be provided upon payment of a standard fee. If all or any part of your request is denied, then the written response will explain the denial. You may appeal any denial of your request to the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 

Questions about KORA

If you have any questions about this form, the University's procedures, or your request, you may contact the Open Records Officer.

Research Question

If you are interested in sending a research question, rather than requesting access to University records via the Kentucky Open Records Act, please use this form:

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