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How do I print from a computer in the library?: How do I print from a computer in the library?

  • Students can print from any computer in the library using their Cardinal Card or UofL username and password. Visitors not affiliated with the University of Louisville must purchase a visitor printing card ($2.00) from a vending station, and add funds to it.
  • At the Computer:
    • Hit print.
    • Select BW_PrintAnwhere for black and white printing or Color_PrintAnywhere for color print.
    • After sending the print job, go to any printer on campus to release your print.
  • At the Printer:
    • Swipe your Cardinal Card or touch the screen to log in with your UofL username and password.
    • Press OK to close the balance screen.
    • Press the Copy & Print Release button.
    • Select your document(s) and choose Print or Print All.
    • After your job prints, touch the Log Out button.
  • Art Library: Follow the general directions above, but note:
    • If printing 12x18 or 11x17, you'll need to change the paper size in the printer properties section. (Ask if you need help.)
  • Law Library: Public printing is not available in the Law Library, but UofL students, faculty & staff may print from the Canon printer in the reading room.