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Article Sources

The following library databases can help you find credible magazine and news articles on the social impact of information technology and related topics. Hover over the name of a database for more specific information about its content.

Data Sources

Evaluation Strategies

Use the following strategies to evaluate the credibility and perspective of individual magazine and news sources.

  • Lateral Reading: Open a new browser tab or window and do some research on the author and the publication/source. What kinds of articles does the source publish (news, commentary, etc.)? Who writes for them and what sort of expertise do they have? What is the publication's mission? Does it have a particular political point of view? Do other credible sources cite the publication?

  • Editorial Process: Who evaluates the content prior to publication? Is the source a traditional news organization? Does it employ professional journalists, editors, and fact-checkers? Is the source an academic publication that follows a formal peer-review process?

  • Genre: Consider the genre or type of article. Many websites mix different types of articles together without clear labels. Is the article you're reading straightforward news reporting? Is it an editorial or commentary piece? Is it an advertisement of some kind?

  • Content: What is the purpose of the source? Who is the audience? What kind of evidence is presented? Does it include links or citations to credible supporting information?

  • Fact Checking: Use credible fact-checking sites to evaluate claims. Keep in mind that fact-checking sites may sometimes disagree on the interpretation of particular facts. Credible fact checkers include Politifact, Snopes,, and The Washington Post Fact Checker


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