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English 102 Rich Spring 2017: Home

Activity 1: Developing a Search Strategy

1. Add one of your research questions to this site. What are you interested in learning or discovering at this stage?

2. Next, add at least five keywords that you might use to explore the "conversation" around your research question in a database or search engine. The keywords should be the most important words, issues, ideas, or concepts related to your research question.

3. Finally, add a comment to your post listing the academic subject areas that might be most relevant to your research question.

Activity 2: Exploring the Academic Information Ecosystem

1. Click on Subject Guides on the library's homepage. Which guides do you think will be most relevant for your research?

2. Click on the Any Topic Guide and then the EBSCO Academic database. Use your keywords to find 1 scholarly article that helps you explore some aspect of your research question. What makes this article relevant to your research? How do you know the article is scholarly?

3. How is searching EBSCO Academic different from searching Google? How does the information available through EBSCO Academic compare with the information available through Google?

4. How do you obtain the full text of an article you want to read? How do you save or keep track of the article?



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