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Ekstrom Library

Diversity Residency: Past Residents

George Martinez (2015-2017)

During his residency, George conducted library instruction sessions and held workshops on how to use EndNote, which is a citation management software. One of many interests the residency allowed him to explore was creating online instruction modules and producing instructional videos. George also presented at various conferences and served on ALA's Over the Rainbow Book Committee. In addition, George collaborated with his colleagues in the research assistance and instruction department to create the Publishing Academy, which is a series of workshops aimed at teaching graduate students about the publishing process. The residency allowed him to gain a strong understanding of how academic libraries operate and the variety of opportunities available within academic librarianship. Prior to becoming an academic librarian, George taught secondary school English and worked in public libraries. He earned his B.A. from University of California, Santa Barbara, M.A. in Educational Theatre from New York University, and M.L.S. from the University of Maryland, College Park.

Publications and Presentations during Residency

“Raising the Library’s Impact Factor: Collaborating to Create a Publishing Academy for Graduate Students,” with Robert Detmering, Anna Marie Johnson, and Samantha McClellan. Kentucky Library Association Joint Spring Conference. Cumberland Falls, Kentucky, 04/2016.

Reynolds, L., McClellan, S., Finley, S., Martinez, G., Linares, R. (2016), Library Instruction and Information Literacy 2015. Reference Services Review, 44(4).

“Publish or Perish? Collaborating to Help Students Navigate the Publishing Process,” poster presentation. American Librarian Association Annual Conference. Orlando, Florida, 06/2016.

McClellan, S., Detmering, R., Martinez, G., Johnson, A. (2017), Raising the Library’s Impact Factor: A Case Study in Scholarly Publishing Literacy for Graduate Students. Portal: Libraries And The Academy. Forthcoming.



Rosalinda Hernandez Linares (2013-2015)

Rosalinda taught information literacy instruction sessions, and served as the liaison to the Classical and Modern Languages department. She was also active in the library profession with her participation in KLA, ALA, and ACRL. She served on the Programs and Proposals Team of ACRL's Residency Interest group, as a member of ACRL's Instruction Section Instructional Technology committee, and also as a mentor in the Dr. E. J. Josey Spectrum Scholar Mentor Program. During her time at UofL, Rosalinda also focused on outreach to the Hispanic/Latino community by serving as Secretary of the Hispanic/Latino Faculty Staff Association and working closely with the Cultural Center and Spanish Department to promote library involvement with campus-wide diversity initiatives. She earned her B.A. from Wellesley College and holds an M.L.S. from the University of Pittsburgh.

Publications and Presentations during Residency

Detmering, R., Johnson, A. M., Sproles, C., McClellan, S., & Linares, R. H. (2014). Library instruction and information literacy 2013. Reference Services Review, 42(4), 603-715.

Linares, Rosalinda. "The Self-Reflective Learner: Measuring the Impact of Information Literacy Instruction through Thoughtful Inquiry." In National LOEX Conference. Grand Rapids, MI, 2014.

McClellan, Samantha, Toccara Porter, and Rosalinda Linares. "Gauging Our Impact: Assessing Outreach and Learning Using Readily-Available Technologies." Kentucky Library Association Library Instruction Roundtable. 2014.



Toccara D. Porter (2008-2011)

The residency was designed for Toccara to complete rotations in the following departments: Information Literacy, Scholarly Communication, Special Collections, and Research Assistance and Instruction, which was her designated home department. During this period her work consisted of staffing the Reference Desk, teaching information literacy sessions, leading EndNote workshops, focusing on outreach to the campus community and creating book displays.

The position offered her a great amount of flexibility to determine what projects to work on, classes to teach, and opportunities for professional development. Tocarra also gained experience managing multimedia projects. For example, she tested out various video projects using Camtasia and other software to develop instructional videos and a teaching video diary. After her residency, she stayed on as the Online Teaching and Outreach Librarian at Ekstrom Library until 2015. She holds a B.A. from Berea College, M.L.I.S. from Kent State University and an M.A. in Education Technology from Morehead State University.

Publications during Residency:

Porter, T. (2011). Online jigsaw puzzles: Using puzzles to break the ice in information literacy instruction sessions. In McDevitt, T. (2011) Let the games begin: Engaging students with field-tested interactive information literacy instruction. Neal-Schuman Publishers, 9-11.

Porter, T., Reynolds, L. and Daniels, C. (2011). The Development of the University of Louisville libraries diversity residency program. In Perez, M.Z., and Gruwell, C.A. (2011). The new graduate experience: Post-MLS residency programs and early career librarianship. Libraries Unlimited.

Porter, T. D. (2010). Putting the you first: Learning to be yourself as a new librarian. Career Strategies for Librarian.

Porter, T. (2010). On My Mind: The faces of circulation: How staff attitudes can slight their centrality to library operations. American Libraries, 41(1/2), 37.


Latisha Reynolds (2006-2008)Photo by Patti Hartog

Latisha was hired as a Reference Librarian Intern at Ekstrom Library, which was a precursor to the current residency program. In that position, she performed librarian duties while working on her MLS part-time. She conducted library instruction, served as a subject liaison for various disciplines, and worked on a variety of committees. Latisha also coordinated the Diversity Task Force at Ekstrom Library.

Currently, Latisha is the Humanities and Social Sciences Librarian at Ekstrom Library. In addition, she is also active with various professional associations including KLA, BCALA, ACRL, and ALA. She is a past convener of the ACRL Residency Interest Group, and also participates on the coordinating and mentoring group for the residency program at Ekstrom Library. She is interested in various research topics including information literacy, collaborative research, library partnerships, diversity, and student achievement/support. Latisha earned her B.A. from Kentucky State University and her M.L.S. from the University of Kentucky.

Photo at right by Patti Hartog

Publications During Residency

Johnson, A. M., Jent, S., & Reynolds, L. (2007). Library instruction and information literacy 2006. Reference Services Review, 35(4), 584-640.

Johnson, A. M., Jent, S., & Reynolds, L. (2008). Library instruction and information literacy 2007. Reference Services Review, 36(4), 450-514.

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