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Ekstrom Library

Diversity Residency: FAQ

Why does the Ekstrom Library have the residency?

Ekstrom Library is committed to fostering diversity within the field of librarianship. The Research Assistance and Instruction Department also appreciates having a new perspective that can help the department grow.

Is the residency an internship?

No. Although it is for a limited amount of time, the residency is a faculty position with the same responsibilities as tenure track librarians in Ekstrom Library.

What happened to the last person in the job?

The last resident, George Martinez, has moved on to being the Librarian for Student Services at CSU Long Beach. In its current iteration, the resident is meant to stay in the position for a maximum of two years.

What are some of the benefits of being a resident?

  • Prepares you well for a future in academic librarianship, specifically within the areas of instruction and research support
  • Works with friendly, supportive and collegial colleagues in the Research Assistance and Instruction Department
  • Opportunity to be included as a co-author on at least one publication within the RAI Dept. as well as encouragement and support for publishing on one's own
  • Participates in a mentor/mentee program
  • Attends meetings with the Dean of the Libraries, and attends administrative meetings when appropriate
  • Professional development is well supported and encouraged

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