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Open Educational Resources: OER Search Tips

Tips for Searching OER

  • Use the Advanced Search feature if one is available. This will help you limit your search and save you time.
  • Start with broad terms and then narrow from there.
  • If you're having trouble finding good results, try starting with the browsing feature to browse your a broader subject area.

See the infographic below to visualize the process of searching for OER. (This infographic was adapted and modified from the University of Texas at Austin's original infographic.)

Searching for OER

This introductory guide will help you get started searching for open educational resources.Step 1: Go to an open content search page such as OER Commons at Step 2: Enter your keyword or phrase and Search. For example, if you search for “Spanish language” in OER Commons, you will return 119 results.Step 3: Refine your results. Use limiters on the left side of the screen. For example, in OER Commons you can limit to college-level homework assignment that you can use with no strings attached. Step 4: Click on a results and check the license. Refer to the home page of the guide ( for license information.

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