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Open Educational Resources: Evaluating OER

Evaluation Tips

Evaluating OER is similar to evaluating paid textbooks and other materials for your courses. Below are a few tips for evaluation.

  • Content: Does this OER cover what you'd like your students to learn? If it's close but not quite right, is this OER adaptable? Check the Creative Commons license to find out.
  • Accessibility: Will your students understand how to use this OER? Is it too technical? Keep in mind the time you'll have to spend getting students acquainted with a challenging OER.
  • License: How can you use the content? As is? Adapted? Verify the license that the resource is under. 
  • Use: Will you use the whole OER or only part of it? You might need to pair a couple of OER to fit best with your learning objectives.

Evaluation Tools

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