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Open Educational Resources: Adapting & Creating OER

Adapting OER

You might have to adapt an existing OER to fully meet the learning outcomes of your class. Both BCCampus OpenEd and OpenStax CNX provide resources to help you adapt an existing OER. Keep in mind, though, that some Creative Commons licenses require you to leave the work unchanged. Make sure you check the license on a resource before you start adapting it.

Some OER repositories have built-in authoring tools to help you adapt their OER.

Creating OER

The authoring tools above (OER Commons Open Author & OpenStax CMX Adaptations) also allow you to create your own OER. See the resources below for more information on authoring OER.

If you are interested in creating your own OER, contact Aimee Greene in the Delphi Center Instructional Design and Technology Unit for support.

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