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Ekstrom Library

HON 436: The City - Leonard: Databases & Journals

Searching in Library Databases

Searching in library databases requires you to search using keywords, the most important words and concepts from your topic. Use the research paper assignment instructions to identify keywords that will help you answer the questions in each paper.

Example from paper assignment: "Describe the origins, founding, and early settling of your selected city."

Possible keywords searches: 

  • Baltimore AND origins
  • Baltimore AND founding
  • Baltimore AND settling

Another example: "What characterized its growth and development in the preindustrial era? What was the extent of its involvement in the Civil War?"

  • Indianapolis AND growth AND preindustrial era
  • Indianapolis AND development AND preindustrial
  • Indianapolis AND Civil War



When searching in journals, select the Advanced Search option and search for your city in the Title field. 

Google Scholar

Google Scholar allows you to search using more natural language (e.g. postwar suburbanization of Indianapolis) than a library database. Keep in mind that you'll get a lot more results and they'll be more difficult to sort through.

Link Google Scholar to library resources:

  1. In Google Scholar, click the 3 lines icon in the left corner and select Settings.
  2. Click Library Links and search for University of Louisville.
  3. Enter your ULink ID and password to see library links on the right side of your search results.

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