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Louisville Metro Police Department

On January 6, 2003, the Jefferson County Police Department and the Louisville Division of Police merged to become the Louisville Metro Police Department. This began a long journey to combine the two departments into one. A strategic plan was developed to determine what needed to be combined, how

Along with the new department came a new look, the badge and car were redesigned. City and county police officers chose from several proposed designs for their cars and uniform patches. The new patch contained a fleur-de-lis, the city's symbol, along with the words "Louisville Metro Police", "Service" and "Integrity". The patrol cars were stripped of their current city or county logo, to be replaced with the new Metro police decal. Source: Louisville Metro Police Louisville Metro PD, KY | Official Website (

History of the Kentucky State Police

In February of 1948, Kentucky became the 38th state to enact a State Police Act. This act was conceived by then Governor Earl C. Clements who saw the need for supplementing the sheriffs and local police departments with a statewide law enforcement agency, complete with full powers of arrest that went beyond the limits of any particular city or county.

Consequently, on July 1st of that year, the governor got his wish and signed the bill that created the Kentucky State Police.

The new department inherited the men and equipment of its predecessor agency, the Kentucky Highway Patrol. Just 12 years earlier, that agency was formed with just 40 officers. By the time it evolved into a full service police agency it had grown to 200 officers. Today the number of troopers has reached 1,000. Source: Kentucky State Police

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