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Government Resources: Education: Home Schooling

Kentucky Home Schooling FAQ's

Who is responsible for providing the curriculum and the instructional materials for children being home schooled?  When a child is removed from the public school system, the total responsibility for the education of the child is borne by the parents.

 Who is responsible for issuing the diploma for a child when they graduate from a home school?  It is the responsibility of the home school to issue the diploma.

Are home school students allowed to participate in extracurricular activities sponsored by the public school?  State law only requires the public school district to allow opportunity for a student to participate in extracurricular activities if the student is enrolled in the public school district.  Some districts are willing to allow home schools to participate but this decision is up to the individual school districts.

 How are home school students treated under No Pass/No Drive? (KRS 186.440) gives home school students the same status as students attending public schools.  For further information, contact Libby Taylor at (502) 564-3678.

Source: Kentucky Department of Education

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