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English 102 (Dual Credit) - Gottbrath: Home

Search Strategy

Before you begin searching for sources through the library, it's important to strategize so you don't get stuck once you start searching. Your strategy will include your research question, keywords, and subject areas. Let's create a search strategy together here: 

Scholarly Sources, Magazines, and Newspapers

Books & Book Chapters

Web-Based, Multimodal, and Data/Infographic Sources

  • Evaluating web-based sources: When searching for sources through Google, always make sure to investigate the source of the information to make sure it's credible. A simple way to investigate a source is to open up a new browser tab and search for information about the source. Watch this video to learn more about evaluating web sources:
  • Multimodal sources: Simply search Google using your keywords plus the type of multimodal source you'd like to find. For example: "social media and mental health and college students video" or "podcast on how social media affects mental health"
  • Data/Infographic sources: Search Google using your keywords plus the words data, infographic, or statistics. For example: social media and mental health statistics. Government agencies publish a lot of data and statistics, so you can also add to your search to find government data/stats. For example: "social media and the mental health of college students"


Please fill out this short reflection form after the session:


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