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Free Resources from Publishers : Special Instructions & Updates

With the influx of information during this time, we will provide the most up to date resource information here. Please use the instructions on this page to gain access to the free resources remotely. If you continue to have issues, please contact us throu


As an organization, Wiley is dedicated to supporting our customers and the research community to understand and minimize the impact of COVID-19; and have implemented the following:  

  • Free online access to a collection of more than 5,000 relevant journal articles, book chapters and entries in our major reference works  

  • Access to a free, real-time feed of the latest research and news on COVID-19, powered by Scitrus, Atypon's AI-driven personalized discovery application.  

  • Our partners at the Cochrane Library have created two free Special Collections on COVID 19 

  • Free resources from Wiley for those interested in exploring historical perspectives on epidemics, methods used to control their spread, and associated health policies, see: Europe, 1817 or UK, 1854 or Hastings, 1873 or Sydney, 1895 

Emerald Publishing

  • We have made research on COVID-19 and the management of epidemics and pandemics free for anyone to access and have also made this available with full text and data mining rights to PubMed Central and the World Health Organisation repository. We will continue to make relevant research freely available on this site.

  • We have launched a publishing fund of £20,000 to cover the Article Processing Charges for research published on Emerald Open Research related to the outbreak and similar healthcare emergencies.

Emerald Insight is set up to support remote access for those not able to be on campus, with information on how to do this available on our Customer Support Portal


Here are some additional resources and actions that may be of interest to you:

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