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Ekstrom Library

Ekstrom Library Building Expansion Project 2023: Introduction

Project Overview

Welcome to the University Libraries, where our focus is on providing research library services centered around our users. We are excited to announce that the University is embarking on a building expansion project that will provide much-needed additional space for the McConnell Center Archives, University Libraries' Archives and Special Collections, Ekstrom Library's Technical Services Department, and a new first-floor student study zone.

The primary goal of this expansion project is to address the space constraints of the McConnell Center lower-level archives storage. The current location has reached its maximum capacity, making it essential to have a larger lower-level archives storage space.

The University has identified the area on the south side of the existing library building, west of the loading dock area, for the addition. The project will create new lower-level archives space and infill the first and second floors, which are currently open-air below the existing third-floor overhang. The lower level of the addition will be entirely dedicated to the new McConnell Center archives’ storage space. 

This addition will benefit Ekstrom Library and our users with a new first-floor student study zone. The second-floor addition will provide offices for library personnel. Along with the new McConnell Center archival storage space, several existing spaces in the lower level require repurposing and backfilling to accommodate the University Libraries’ Archives and Special Collections and Ekstrom Library’s Technical Services.

We are excited about this upcoming expansion project and the opportunities it will provide us to enhance spaces and conserve research collections for our users. Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2024 and to be substantially completed by early 2025.

We will keep you updated on the progress of the project and how it will impact our library services. Thank you for your continued support of the University Libraries.

south side of Ekstrom Library
South side of Ekstrom Library [Image credit: Terri Holtze]