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ECPY 302 Ashlock: Home

The Research Experience

1. What similarities and differences do you see between your personal and academic research experiences?

2. What challenges are involved with research? How do you address these challenges?

3. What emotions do you experience when working on research? Why do you experience these emotions?

4. What skills are required to conduct successful research? List as many as you can.

Inquiry and Concept-Mapping

1. What aspects of Generation Z have you talked about in class so far? What aspects of Generation Z interest you personally? What would you like to learn more about?

2. Add at least three ideas, topics, or concepts related to Generation Z to the online workspace here:

3. After we have decided on a research question as a class, go to Google and find two good sources that would help you explore the research question. Add links to the sources to the online workspace: What keywords were most helpful? Why did you choose these particular sources?



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