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English 101 Cousins: Home

Central Questions

  • What strategies can we use to evaluate the credibility of sources?
  • How are library databases different from free search engines such as Google?
  • How can we use library databases to explore the "conversation" around a particular research topic or question? 

Activity 1

Sample Research Question: What are the public health implications of "vaping?"

Look through each of the three articles above, then answer the following questions:

  1. What seems to be the main purpose of each article? 
  2. What can you find out about the authors of the articles? Do they seem credible? Why or why not?
  3. What can you find about the website or journal that published each article? Are they credible? 

Activity 2

  1. How is EBSCO Academic different from Google? What tools are available to narrow your search?
  2. What types of sources are available in EBSCO Academic?
  3. How do you obtain the full text of an article in EBSCO Academic?



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Rob Detmering

Head, Research Assistance and Instruction

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