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Activity #1: Identifying Scholarly Journal Articles

  1. What features or aspects of the article indicate that it is a scholarly source? List as many features as you can.

  2. Go to the website for the journal Environmental Politics. Take a look at the information under Aims and Scope. What is the purpose of the journal? What topics does it cover? Who is the audience for the journal? Do you think it's a credible and/or authoritative publication? Why or why not?

  3. Look up the title of the article ("Hurricanes and Hegemony") in Google Scholar. How many times has this article been cited by others? How are the articles on Google Scholar different from the sources you might find in a typical search on regular Google?


Activity #2: Searching Library Databases

  1. Use EBSCO Academic to find at least one academic/scholarly/peer-reviewed article related to your research interests. Based on the title and abstract, how does the article speak to your research topic or question?

  2. How do you obtain the full text of the article? What do you do if there is no pdf immediately available in EBSCO?

  3. What keywords did you use to find the article? Do you find that some words worked better than others? What are some of the main subjects (look at the left side of the page or below individual article titles) that show up in your search results?

  4. How do you keep track of relevant articles? For example, how do you save, e-mail, etc.?

  5. What other kinds of articles appear in EBSCO Academic besides academic articles? 


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