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CECS 568: Computer Forensics (Godwin): Home


Discuss current litigation/prosecution (2 civil cases and 2 criminal cases) that focuses on issues surrounding the use of digital information. For each case:

  • Identify the case date, plaintiff/prosecution and defendant
  • Summarize the litigation matter/crime
  • Identify the impact of digital evidence to the case
  • Discuss the role of the digital forensic investigator and how this aligns with or differs from your ideal of the profession

Use one of the resources below to find litigation/prosecution.


Use the Guided Search function in this library database to find cases involving digital forensics:

  1. Click Cases under "What are you interested in?"
  2. Choose between Federal Cases and State Cases under "Which Jurisdiction?"
  3. Enter your keywords under "...about". Search using keywords from the lecture or online materials, e.g. misuse of email, hacking, cyberbullying, etc.
  4. If you want to find the most recent cases, use the dropdown under "All Dates" to choose your date range.
  5. Click Search.


This online resource has a Google-like search interface for finding case law. Just enter your keywords in the Search box at the top of the screen, e.g. digital evidence, hacking, email, etc.


This blog focuses on evidence and provides reliable commentary from lawyers. Scroll through the recent cases that involve digital evidence; most of the posts provide a direct link to the case, as well.


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