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Digital Scholarship Services: Open Access


The University Libraries’ Open Access and Repository Coordinator will:

  • Design and promote your faculty profile.
  • Research the copyright status of your publication agreements and scholarly works.
  • Deposit your scholarship into ThinkIR and create citations for works on your profile.
  • Manage long-term preservation and accessibility of your scholarly materials.
  • Advise you on the services the Libraries provide and how we can best help you.

What is ThinkIR?

ThinkIR is an open-access digital repository that showcases the scholarship of the University of Louisville community. ThinkIR enables faculty to highlight their scholarly works, professional accomplishments, and successes as researchers, increasing their worldwide visibility.

Sponsored by the University Libraries, ThinkIR preserves scholarship—including student dissertations, theses, and faculty publications—and makes it freely available to a worldwide audience.

To make the process easier for faculty, the University Libraries provides an Open Access and Repository Coordinator, who offers personalized assistance and is available to consult with faculty via phone, email, in a department meeting or one-on-one.

What can ThinkIR do for me?

The University Libraries’ Open Access and Repository Coordinator will create a profile for you, help you post your biography, and populate your site with your scholarship, including investigating any related copyright limitations.

Additionally, ThinkIR will:

  • Increase access to your scholarship.
  • Connect you to other scholars who share your interests.
  • Provide a worldwide forum to highlight your scholarship, professional achievements and successes.
  • Release your work to a global audience.
  • Support open access.

View downloads of your work around the world.

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