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Citation Management

Citation management software programs save your references in one place, insert citations in a word document, and write the bibliography for a paper in any citation style.

Citation Management Software Where to access Description
EndNote (desktop) Free w/ ULink login - The desktop version of EndNote allows unlimited references, can have PDF attachments, and has the full range of filters and features to better organize references. The software works with Mac and Windows operating systems. EndNote can work out of multiple word processing programs.
EndNote Web Free -

The web version of EndNote is free to everyone. It has 21 styles and a limited number of filters and connection files.

Mendeley Free - Produced by Elsevier, Mendeley works with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Its is only capable of adding citations to Microsoft programs.
Zotero Free - Zotero is open source and developed by an independent, nonprofit organization. It works with Mac, Windows, iOS, and Linux operating systems.


Data Collection & Data Repositories

Data Collection

Data collection software provides a user with the ability to collect the data they need and to store, keep, and analysis the collected data.

At this time, the only University of Louisville sponsored data collection tool is REDCap.



Data repositories are designed to store, preserve, and provide access to the data gathered during research to allow viewing for future parties. It is becoming increasingly required that research must be in a data repository upon completion. A further breakdown of data repository options can be found at


UofL does have an institutional repository called ThinkIR which stores completed works such as journal publications and theses. It is not a data repository as it does not accomodate raw data storage.

Advanced Reviews Management

There are multiple programs to help filter through papers when working on an advanced, longterm review project (i.e. systematic review, meta-analysis, scoping review, etc.). Here are some UofL-provided and free programs.

Program Where to access Description

Free to UofL members - reach out to a Kornhauser Librarian for access.

Covidence is a very user-friendly, easy program to help sort through a high volume of papers during an advanced review project. Each user gets their own account and can see their progress as they sort through the papers. No user restrictions.

Free for basic features.

Rayyan allows users to organize and manage their review project's papers across multiple users. Mobile app avialible.
Microsoft Excel

Free to UofL members.

UofL's Web Store

Excel (and spreadsheets) is not a program designed for advanced review projects, but many people use it as such. This should not be a top choice for review project management since it will take longer and require someone to keep up with the organization of the document.


Journal Rankings & Suggestions

Here are some resources when deciding in which journals to submit a paper.

  • Journal Citation Reports - JCR are produced by Clarivate (the same company that creates EndNote and the Web of Science database). These reports rank journals by how often their articles are cited by other publications. Rankings lists are also available by journal subject.
    • ULink login required to view Journal Citation Reports.
  • Beall's List - This is a list of potentially predatory journals. Look through this list before submitting to journals, particularly if that journal tried to solicit a submission.
  • Professional development organizations - Most often, the journals that are less expensive or free to publish with are those associated with professional development organizations. Look into organizations that you are already a member with and/or align with your paper's subject.
  • BMJ Case Reports - This is the only journal that Kornhauser Library has a code for free author submission. Contact a Kornhauser Librarian to receive the UofL Author Submission Fellowship code before submitting a case report. 

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