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Laura Russell

Laura Russell
Art Library Rare Books Collection N 7433.4 .R88 A86 2013 box 15.1

Limited edition of twenty-five copies, signed and numbered by the artist. Art Library has copy 18 "'Anything Helps' is a limited edition artist book surveying the cardboard signs used by panhandlers and homeless people … It is my hope that this book will make us stop and reflect upon the lives we look at every day but never really see. As some of the most basic forms of graphic communication in our world today, homeless signs are a reminder that with a little bad luck we could easily find ourselves in similar straits—and that at times we could all use a helping hand. While collecting these signs I have met some fascinating people. I tell them that I am doing an art project with these signs. Most think that the $5 I've offered is an unbelievable sum and are happy to hand over their sign … I also spend a few minutes talking with each person and try to listen and show that I care about his or her situation. Most are eager to share their story"—Unnumbered cards 1-5.

Laura Russell
Art Library Rare Books Collection N 7433.4 .R867 E54 2022 box 22.2

This creative structure opens into a circle, attaches with magnets and then rotates like a kinetic kaleidoscope. Three panoramic desert vista photographs showcase the Santa Catalina mountains of Tucson, Arizona. Iconic Saguaro cactus stand proud, surrounded by prickly pears and teddy bear chollas. Another panorama reflects the prehistoric palms of the local treasure, Agua Caliente park, a desert oasis. The images are paired with an original poem--a love story to both a man and a desert.--Artist's website.

Laura Russell
Art Library Rare Books Collection N 7433.4 .R88 U73 2008 box 4.1

In this limited-edition artist book, photographs of burned out, boarded-up, homes—once proud family homes—are paired with Laura’s original poetry about a once-vibrant neighborhood and the decay of the American dream. Urban Decay presents 30 photographs, all taken on one cold morning, in one small neighborhood—an area about seven blocks by three blocks. Two poems, introductory text and a map of the burned out houses accompany the photographs. Plywood covers on the post-and-screw binding reference the plywood-covered windows of these forlorn homes. Stained Tyvek flyleaves, flame-burned page fore edges, and branded cover title.