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General Sources

Contemporary Art And Artists: An Index To Reproductions
ART Ref N 6490 .P3234

The Black Artist In America: An Index To Reproductions
ART Ref N 6538 .N5T46 1991

Victorian Reproductions In Modern Sources
ART Ref N 6767.5 .V52G37 1991

Index To Art Reproductions In Books
ART Ref N 7525 .H48 1974

Index To Two Dimensional Art Works
ART Ref N 7525 .K67

Catalogue Of American Portraits In The New York Historical Society
ART Ref N 7593 .N5 1974

A.L.A. Portrait Index: Index To Portraits Contained In Printed Books And Periodicals
ART Ref N 7620 .A2 1965

Architecture and Sculpture

Index To Italian Architecture
ART Ref NA 111 .T4 1992

World Architecture Index
ART Ref NA 202 .T4 1992

Sculpture Index
ART Ref NB 36 .C55

Paintings and Prints

World Painting Index
ART Ref ND 45 .H38 and supplement

Index to Reproductions of European Paintings
ART Ref ND 45 .M6

Index to Reproductions of American Paintings
ART Ref ND 205 .M57 and supplement

Index to Reproductions of American books published since 1960.
ART Ref ND 205 .S575

Print Index, A Guide to Reproductions
ART Ref NE 90 .P17 1983

American Printmakers, 1946-1996
ART Ref NE 508 .B76 1999

American Printmakers 1880-1945
ART Ref NE 507 .W53 1993

White Clay, Taos Indian

White Clay, Taos Indian

Photograph by Edward S. Curtis.  From the Library of Congress
Prints and Photographs Division

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