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International Honor Quilt

The International Honor Quilt (IHQ) is a collaborative, grassroots feminist art project initiated by Judy Chicago in 1980. It is owned by the University of Louisville and its Hite Institute of Art and Design.

Digital Collection

For high-resolution photographs of each individual panel in the International Honor Quilt, browse the digital collection which is supported by the University Libraries' Digital Initiatives at the University of Louisville.

Search Tips

The collection database contains images, maker submitted information, and catalog documentation for all 542 individual panels of the International Honor Quilt. It may be browsed collectively and/or searched by category or keywords using the fields listed below.  Nomenclature follows Library of Congress and Getty vocabularies where possible.

  • Item Number: The item number assigned to each individual panel in the collection, preceded by IHQ.
  • Title: The text that appears on the front panel edges, most often Honoree - City/State - Country.
  • Honoree The person, persons, group, organization, or other subject that is honored by the individual panel.
  • Type of Honoree:
    1. Individual – a named individual person (ex: Judy Chicago; Stella Martel)
    2. More than one individual – specifically identified people (ex: Edda, Lavinia, and Marianne Warth)
    3. Organization – a registered or established organization (ex: League of Women Voters; Denwar Craft Fellowship; Sarah's Inn)
    4. Group/Theme – connected by a shared activity, interest, or quality (ex: Lithuanian women; 1983 girl graduates of Dr. E.P. Scarlett; women cooks; midwives)
    5. Religious/fictional/mythological – a character from religious text, mythology, or fiction (ex: Eve; Isis; Nancy Drew)
    6. Place – a city or region (ex: Cleveland Heights; Keota; Murray River region)
  • Location of Honoree: The location of the honored subject, if documented with the submission.
  • Contributor: The person, persons, group, or organization who submitted a panel to the collection.
  • Location of contributor: The location of the contributor at the time of gifting the panel to the collection.
  • Date original: The date the panel was made, if documented with the submission.
  • Biography of contributor: Information about the contributor of the panel, if documented with the submission.
  • Contributor's History/Reason for Honor: Information submitted by the contributor about the honoree or subject of the individual panel, if documented with the submission.
  • Contributor's Description and Description: Free-text accounts from the contributor and the cataloger describing the honoree, physical panel, materials and techniques used in making the panel, and/or content of the piece.
  • Measurements: The measurements of the panel, including orientation of the triangle: Up/Down, Height x Width x Left side x Right side, in centimeters.


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