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DVDs & Videos on Art, Architecture & Design: A - DF

DVDs and Videos are arranged in call number order. Ask for them at the Service Desk. Miscellaneous, uncataloged videos are listed at the end and are available to be viewed. Use the search box in the upper right corner of the guide.

How to Use this Guide

DVDs and videos are arranged on these pages in call number order. They are located on shelves near our computer area.  

Use the search box in the upper right corner of the guide to search by title or subject. When searching by subject, use several synonyms and broader terms.

A - DE

DVD B 2430 .D484 D465 2003 (85 min.)

Slavoj Zizek, The Reality of the Virtual
DVD B 4870 .Z593 S53 2007 (74 min.)

DVD B 4870 .Z594 Z58 2006 (71 min.)

Examined Life
DVD BD 431 .E9 2009 (88 min.)

Aesthetics, Philosophy of the Arts
ART DVD BH 39 .A285 2004 (51 min.)

Inside Mecca
DVD BP 187.3 .I57 2003 (60 min.)

The Illuminator and a Bible for the 21st Century
DVD BS 191.5 .I45 2005 (49 min.)

Lost Treasures of the Ancient World
Video CB 311 .L67 1999 (6 videos, 50 min. each)

  1. Ancient Egypt.
  2. Ancient Greece.
  3. Carthage.
  4. Ancient Jerusalem.
  5. The Romans in North Africa.
  6. The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

DVD CB 478 .N32 2002 (89 min.)

The Celts
DVD D 70 .C44 2002 (47 min.)

Birth of the Middle Ages
DVD D 121 .B5 2003 (43 min.)

Stonehenge Decoded
DVD DA 142 .S76 2008 (90 min.)

Charlemagne and the Holy Roman Empire
DVD DC 73 .C45 2003 (31 min.)

Classical Archaeology of Ancient Greece and Rome
DVD DE 80 .C53 2006 (3 parts in 6 discs)


The Greeks, Crucible of Civilization
DVD DF 78 .G76 2005 (1999) (140 min.)

Heinrich Schliemann: the Rediscovery of Troy
Video DF 212 .S4H45 1990 (26 min.)

Minoan Civilization
Video DF 221 .C8M56 1993 (53 min.)

Lost City of the Aegean
Video DF 221 .T38L67 1994 (28 min.)

Athens, the Dawn of Democracy
DVD DF 275 .A864 2007 (120 min.)

The Acropolis Now: the Public Face of the State.
ART Video DF 287 .A2A26 2000 (25 min.)

Secrets of the Parthenon
ART DVD DF 287 .P343 2008 (54 min.)

Byzantium: The Lost Empire
DVD DF 531 .B99 2007 (208 min.)

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