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Citations for Studio Art History: Chicago Basics

This guide is designed to help students cite sources.

Citation Style Guides

Creating a Bilbiography in Chicago

Citing Books

  • A book citation must always include author(s), title (and subtitle), city of publication, publisher, and date of publication. Other necessary elements, if applicable, include editor, translator, edition, revision, and volume number.
  • Capitalize the first letter of all main words in the title of a source.
  • Titles of books are always italicized.
  • State information for publication location are not necessary unless the city is not well known. Use postal abbreviations for states.

Citing Articles

  • An article citation must always include author, title (and subtitle) of article, title of journal/magazine, date of publication, volume/issue number, and page numbers.
  • Capitalize the first letter of all main words in the title of a source.
  • Titles of articles and essays are always put in quotation marks.
  • Titles of journals are always italicized.

Creating a Bibliography

  • The bibliography is arranged in alphabetical order by authors’ last names.
  • The first author of a source is listed last name, followed by a comma and the first name. Subsequent authors' names are written naturally (first name followed immediately by last name). For four or more authors, the abbreviation “et al.” (“and others”) is used after the name of the first author.
  • Second and all subsequent lines are always indented. This is also known as "hanging" indentation, and can be automatically applied in Word processors.

This information is courtesy of Waidner-Spahr Library at Dickinson University.

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