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How to Research Your Art Collection: Make an Appointment

This webpage is designed to help anyone wishing to research their artwork. Bridwell Art Library is a community destination for art research in Louisville and surrounding areas. Use the resources on this page to find out more information about your fine

Research Assistance

Do you want to know more about the family heirloom in your attic? Or perhaps you are curious about the painting that you bought at a thrift sale?

The library staff at the Bridwell Art Library provide consultations regarding art research. Our specialty is locating historical and biographical information about fine artworks. Staff members are not qualified to authenticate, evaluate, or appraise artworks. The following information is provided for those wishing to find resources for these services.

Professional Appraisers & Conservators

To determine the value of your object, consult a trained, professional art appraiser. Below is a list of appraisal associations. The list is not comprehensive nor is it an endorsement.

If you have an art object that you wish to have cleaned, repaired or otherwise conserved, you will need to consult a professional art conservator. Below is a list of conservation organization. The list is not comprehensive nor is it an endorsement.

Researching Your Artwork

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