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Bridwell|Art Library

Louisville Architecture Resources: Info Files

Use the Art Library's Information Files

Note: The Information Files are located across from aisle 13 in the Art Library.

Come into the Bridwell Art Library at the University of Louisville and find the Information Files across from aisle 13.  The Information Files contain brochures, articles, reports & student and museum docent papers on topics related to Louisville, to Kentucky and to the region.  Files are arranged alphabetically with all Louisville resources filed together, e.g.:

  • Louisville, KY-Architecture
  • Louisville, KY-Main Street
  • Louisville, KY-Public Buildings

Information on individual buildings can be found under the building's name, e.g. Humana Building.  

Highlighted Resource

Louisville Magazine, March 20, 1966.

This issue featured architecture in Louisville including an article entitled, "The Materials We Build With" which includes many of the more modern buildings in Louisville.

Information Files, Louisville--Architecture--folder V         (across from aisle 13)  

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