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Artists Statements & Interviews: Interview Resources

Books, videos and journals with artist interviews and statements


Modern Arts Criticism (Prosyniuk, Joann) ART N 40 .M63

Conversations before the end of time. (Gablik, Suzi) ART N 72 .S6G23 1995

Artists on art, from the XIV to the XX century. (Goldwater, Robert) ART N 79 .G57 1945

The new decade; 22 European painters and sculptors. ( Ritchie, Andrew Carnduff) ART N 5020 .N44 1955

Theories of modern art; a source book by artists and critics. ( Chipp, Herschel B.) ART N 6450 .C62

Art Always Has Its Consequences, Artists' text from Croatia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, 1947-2009. ART N 6489 .A78 2011

World Artists 1950 - 1980. (Marks, Claude) ART N 6489 .M37 1984

World Artists 1980 - 1990. (Marks, Claude) ART N 6489 .W67 1991

The artist observed; 28 interviews with contemporary artists, 1972-1978. (Gruen, John) ART N 6490 .G725 1991

Entrails, heads & tails; photographic essays and conversations...with ten contemporary artists. (Igliori, Paola ) ART N 6490 .I35 1992

State of the art; ideas and images in the 1980s. (Dunlop, Geoff) ART N 6490 .N315 1987

Interviews with Artists 1966-2012. (Peppiatt, Michael ART N 6490 .P386 2012

Press play; contemporary artists in conversation. ART N 6490 .P74 2005

Artwords, discourse on the 60s and 70s. (Siegel, Jeanne) ART N 6490 .S496

Theories and documents of contemporary art, a sourcebook of artists' writings. (Stiles, Kristine) ART N 6490 .T492 1996

Rhetorical image. (Summerbell, Deirdre) ART Folio N 6494.C63 R54 1990

Artists land nature. (Gooding, Mel) ART N 6494.E27 G66 2002

Art nature dialogues. (Grande, John) ART N 6494.E6 G73 2004

Institutional critique, an anthology of artists' writings. (Alberro, Alexander) ART N 6494.I565 I57 2009

American artists on art from 1940 to 1980. (Johnson, Ellen) ART N 6512 .A586 1982

Originals; American women artists. (Munro, Eleanor C.) ART N 6512 .M78 2000

American realists and magic realists. (Miller, Dorothy.) ART N 6512 .N4

Americans, 1942; 18 artists from 9 states. (Miller, Dorothy.) ART N 6512 .N415 1942

Americans 1963. (Miller, Dorothy.) ART N 6512 .N416

Fifteen Americans. (Miller, Dorothy.) ART N 6512 .N42

Fourteen Americans. (Miller, Dorothy.) ART N 6512 .N43

Sixteen Americans. (Miller, Dorothy.) ART N 6512 .N44

Twelve Americans. (Miller, Dorothy.) ART N 6512 .N45

Readings in American Art since 1900. (Rose, Barbara) ART N 6512 .R64

Inside New York's art world. (Diamonstein, Barbaralee) ART N 6535 .N5 D5

Conversations with artists. (Rodman, Selden) ART N 6536 .R6 1961

Contemporary British Women Artist in their own Words. (Fortnum, Rebecca) ART N 6796 .F67 2007

Case of the baffled radical. (Rosenberg, Harold) ART N 7445.2 .R67 1985

New images of man. (Selz, Peter) ART N 7570 .S38

India 20, Conversations with contemporary artists.   (Mehta, Anupa) ART N 7309 .M44 2007

In Her Own Words (Slatkin, Wendy) ART N 8354 .I53 2010

Writing the Artist Statement.   (Goodwin, Ariane) ART N 8600 .G65 2002

New York school, the first generation: paintings of the 1940s and 1950s. (Tuchman, Maurice) ART ND 235 .N45 L65

Storylines; craft artists' narratives of identity. (Mishlers, Elliott) ART NK 1110 .M58 1999

Artists observed: photographs. (Stein, Harvey) ART NX165 .S73 1986

Art, performance, media: 31 interviews. (Zurbrugg, Nicholas) ART NX 456 .A684 2004

Art recollection: artists' interviews and statements in the nineties. (Detterer, Gabriele) ART NX 456 .A685 1997

Twentieth-century artists on art; an index to writings, statements, and interviews by artists, architects, and designers. (Robertson, Jack) ART NX 456 .R59 1996

The Janus aspect, artists in the twenty-first century. (Tusa, John) ART NX 543 .Z8 T87 2005

Art into Theatre, performance interviews and documents. (Kaye, Nick) ART NX600.P47 A77 1996

Performance, another dimension; talks with the artists, photographs of the performances (Martins, Kirsten) Art NX600 .P47 P468 1983

Dictionary of art quotations. (Crofton, Ian) ART PN 6084 .A8 C76 1989

Conversations with contemporary artists. ART TR 139 .C667 2005

Photography speaks. (Johnson, Brooks) ART TR 185 .P53 2004


Works + Conversations ART x NX 504 .W68


Shock of the New (Hughes, Robert)
ART DVD N 6490 .S5 1980z

Art City, Making it in Manhattan (Maybach, Chris)
ART DVD N 6512 .A697 1996

A Conversation with David Hockney (Kimmelman, Michael)
ART Video N6797 .H57A3 2002


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