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Information Files: L

La - Louisville, KY - C

Lancaster, Clay
Lexington, KY-History
Lexington Opera House
Liberty Hall in KY
Little Loomhouse Group
Locust Grove in KY
Log Cabins
Louisville Art Association-Exhibitions
Louisville Art Workshop
Louisville, KY-Airports
Louisville, KY-Architecture
Louisville, KY-Art
Louisville, KY-Art-Exhibitions
Louisville, KY-Art-Galleries & Museums
Louisville, KY-Art Patrons
Louisville, KY-Artists
Louisville, KY-Black Artists
Louisville, KY-Board of Trade Building
Louisville, KY-Cemeteries
Louisville, KY-Church History
Louisville, KY-Churches
Louisville, KY-City Hall
Louisville, KY-City Planning
Louisville, KY-Clothing & Dress
Louisville, KY-Collectors & Collecting

Louisville, KY - D - Louisville, KY - R

Louisville, KY-Descriptions, Views
Louisville, KY-Fourth Street
Louisville, KY-Frankfort Avenue
Louisville, KY-Glass Painting & Staining
Louisville, KY-Historic House (SEE ALSO: Historic Houses by Name-Ex.: Farmington)
Louisville, KY-Historic Preservation
Louisville, KY-History
Louisville, KY-Hotels & Taverns
Louisville, KY-Housing
Louisville, KY-Main Street
Louisville, KY-Manhole Covers
Louisville, KY-Maps
Louisville, KY-Medals
Louisville, KY-Mural Painting
Louisville, KY-Museum Plaza
Louisville, KY-Neighborhoods
Louisville, KY-Papermaking & Trade
Louisville, KY-Parks
Louisville, KY-Photographers
Louisville, KY-Portland Historic District
Louisville, KY-Pottery Companies
Louisville, KY-Public Buildings
Louisville, KY-Riverfront

Louisville, KY - S - Lz

Louisville, KY-School of Art
Louisville, KY-Schools
Louisville, KY-Sculpture
Louisville, KY-Shotgun Houses
Louisville, KY-Streets
Louisville, KY-Textile Industry & Fabrics
Louisville, KY-Theatres
Louisville, KY-21C
Louisville, KY-University-Belknap Campus
Louisville, KY-University-Belknap Campus-Allen R. Hite Art Institute
Louisville, KY-University-Belknap Campus-Art
Louisville, KY-University-Belknap Campus-Library (Schneider) 
Louisville, KY-University-Belknap Campus-Music School
Louisville, KY-University-Belknap Campus-Photographic Archives
Louisville, KY-University-Belknap Campus-Rauch Memorial Planetarium
Louisville, KY-University-Belknap Campus-Student Activities Center
Louisville, KY-University-Belknap Campus-Student Art League
Louisville, KY-University-Health Sciences Center
Louisville, KY-University-Urban Studies Center
Louisville, KY-Union Station
Louisville, KY-Urban Renewal
Louisville, KY-U.S. Marine Hospital
Louisville School of Art (Art Center) (Louisville, KY)
Louisville Visual Art Association (Louisville, KY)

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