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Bridwell|Art Library

Information Files: C

Ca - Ch

Calvary Episcopal Church (Louisville, KY)
Capitol Holding Center (Louisville, KY)
Carnegie Art Center (New Albaby, IN)
Center for Photographic Studies (Louisville, KY)
Chapman Friedman Gallery
Cherry, Wendell
Christensen, Jesper
Church Architecture-KY

Ci - Col

Cincinnati Art Museum (Cincinnati, OH)
Cities & Towns-KY
Cities & Towns-Planning-KY
Clark, Jonathan
Clay, Grady
Coleman, A.D.
Collections- University of Notre Dame
Colt, Priscilla

Com - Cz

Combs, Helen
Coolidge, John
Covi, Dario A.
Creese, Walter L.
Crescent Centre (Louisville, KY)
Cressman, Elizabeth and Frederick
Culbertson Mansion in New Albany

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