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Bridwell|Art Library

Artist Files: O

These files contain exhibit notices, brochures, articles and other ephemera on artists from the region or who have a connection to the region. This is only a list of the artists; you must come to the library to access the information.


  • Oates, Thomas R.
  • O'Brien, Susan
  • O'Dorisio, Joel
  • Ogden, Joyce
  • Oglesby, Jane
  • O'Hanlon, Ann Rice
  • O'Hare, Ryan
  • O'Koon, Sarah
  • Oldham, Julia
  • Olliges, Kathy McQuade
  • Olmsted, Frederick Law
  • O'Neil, Nancy
  • Opie, Julian
  • Oppenheim, Erika Anna
  • Orr, Art
  • Orr, Erik
  • Osolnik, Rude
  • Ospital, Laura
  • Osterly, Sarah
  • Oswald, Tony
  • Ottman, Marie-Elena
  • Overall, Cynthia Kelly
  • Owens, Sarah

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