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Bridwell|Art Library

Artist Files: N

These files contain exhibit notices, brochures, articles and other ephemera on artists from the region or who have a connection to the region. This is only a list of the artists; you must come to the library to access the information.

Na - Neu

  • Naberezny, Jon
  • Nall, Marjorie and Jim
  • Nathanson, Ted
  • Nation, John
  • Nay, Mary Spencer
  • Neace, James
  • Nelson, Albert
  • Nelson, Martha
  • Neumann, Gena
  • Neumayer, Corie

Nev - Nn

  • Nevels, Clay
  • Nevelson, Louise
  • Newman, Deborah
  • Newton, Mary
  • Nicholson, Clifton
  • Nielsen, Brother Lavrans
  • Nixon, Clay

No - Nz

  • Noble, Thomas Satterwhite
  • Noe, Sally Gibbs
  • Northerner, Sara
  • Norton, Cynthia
  • Norton, James
  • Norton, Jane Morton
  • Notheisen, Laurin
  • Nourse, Elizabeth
  • Novinger, Tenille
  • Noye, Kate
  • Nutting, Wallace

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