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Bridwell|Art Library

Artist Files: E

These files contain exhibit notices, brochures, articles and other ephemera on artists from the region or who have a connection to the region. This is only a list of the artists; you must come to the library to access the information.

Ea - Ec

  • Eades, Deward
  • Eagle, Clara
  • Eastman, William Jospeh
  • Eastridge, William
  • Ebert, Ellen Levine
  • Eboigne, Felix
  • Eckelberry. Don Richard
  • Eckert, Mitch

Ed - El

  • Eddy, Marvin
  • Edelson, Mary Beth
  • Eden, John
  • Edger, Mary Anne Nofsinger
  • Edwards, Beth
  • Edwardson, Ashley
  • Egerton, Judith
  • Egner, John
  • Eilers, Steve
  • Eisenman, Peter
  • Elkes, Joel
  • Elkind, Molly

Em - Ez

  • Endemann, Heike
  • Engelke, Daniel
  • Engle, George
  • English, Frank F.
  • Ensor, C. Donald
  • Erdman, Richard
  • Erwin, Gaela
  • Erzinger, Linda
  • Ewen, Carrie Douglas Dudley
  • Eyre Jr., Wilson

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