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CONTENTdm Cookbook: Appendix 2: Visual Resources Center Elements

Visual Resources Center Elements

This set of field properties has been modified from those described in the preceding pages (referenced in boldface type) in order to accommodate the special requirements of the Visual Resources Center. The Visual Resources Association (VRA) Core 4.0 metadata schema has been consulted.

elements list
Field Name DC Mapping (if new) Description
Larger Image Relation.isFormatOf Larger image may be viewed by UofL faculty, staff, and students only (log-in required) at: [insert URL with prepend].
Title   See Alternative Title. Use for alternative titles other than translations (for which see below).
Alternative Title   See Alternative Title. Use for translated titles. If more than one translation exists, separate translated titles by semicolons within the same field

See Creator, but use Getty Union List of Artist Names (ULAN) as controlled vocabulary for names and roles. In order to fit all of the sub-elements of the VRA Core 4.0 “Agent” element into one Creator field, use the full string of the AAT term.


Rubens, Peter Paul (Flemish painter and draftsman, 1577-1640)

Warhol, Andy (American painter, printmaker, and filmmaker, 1928-1987)
Date   See Date Original
Description   See Description.
Cultural Context Coverage The name of the culture, people (ethnonym), or adjectival form of a country name from which a Work, Collection, or Image originates, or the cultural context with which the Work, Collection, or Image has been associated (from VRA Core 4.0). Use ULAN Nationalities and Places
Style / Period Subject A defined style, historical period, group, school, dynasty, movement, etc. whose characteristics are represented in the Work or Image. Cultural and regional terms may be combined with style and period terms for display purposes (from VRA Core 4.0). Use Getty Art & Architecture Thesaurus (AAT) .
Theme Subject Terms or phrases that … interpret the Work or Image and what it depicts or expresses. These may include … narrative and iconographic themes, or terms that refer to broader concepts or interpretations. Use AAT and/or LCSH.
Subject   See Subject. Use LCTGM terms, which tend to describe what you see in an individual image.
People Pictured   See People Pictured. Use to identify the subjects of portraits, when known
Location Depicted   See Location Depicted. Use to identify the location of scenes, when known
Material Format The substance of which a work or an image is composed. Use AAT.
Measurements Format.extent The physical size, shape, scale, dimensions, or format of the Work or Image....The unit used in the measurement must be specified (from VRA Core 4.0).
Technique Format The production or manufacturing processes, techniques, and methods incorporated in the fabrication or alteration of the work or image (from VRA Core 4.0). Use AAT
Inscription Description All marks or written words added to the object at the time of production or in its subsequent history, including signatures, dates, dedications, texts, and colophons, as well as marks, such as the stamps of silversmiths, publishers, or printers
Work Type Type See Object Type (label modified to map to VRA Core 4.0)
Repository Contributor This may be used to document the repository of the original artwork, if known. Use ULAN terms and roles.
Source Source A reference to the source of the information recorded about the work or the image. For a work record, this may be a citation to the sole source of the information recorded in a catalog record. For an image, it may be used to provide information about the supplying agency, vendor or individual. In the case of copy photography, it can be used to record a bibliographic citation or other description of the image source. In all cases, names and source identification numbers may be included (from VRA Core 4.0). Use MLA rules for bibliographic citation. Note: this differs from our use of Source (in above document) for archival collections, referring instead to the published source of the image of the work.
Rights Rights Information about the copyright status and the rights holder for a work, collection, or image. The optional notes sub-element may include any justifications, conditions, or restraints on use, contact or licensing information, or other intellectual property statements as may be desired (from VRA Core 4.0).
Collection   This could be used for UofL faculty or student affiliation.
Collection Website   See Collection Website.
Digital Publisher   See Digital Publisher.
Digitization Specifications   See Digitization Specifications.
Date Digital   See Date Digital.
Type   See Type.
Format   See Format.
Digital File Name Identifier

A character string or record number that clearly and uniquely identifies a digital object or resource. The Identifier element ensures that individual digital objects can be accessed, managed, stored, recalled, and used reliably. Preface file names with VRC.

Example: VRC 12345678.tif
Language   See Language.

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