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CONTENTdm Cookbook: Type

17. Type

This is a mandatory field. Every record must include the DCMI Type. It will help us sort digital records at a high level (grouping all films, all sound recordings, all images, and all texts, for example).

sample of elements that show on each field page
Repeatable Yes. Enter each type in the same field, separated by a semicolon and a space.
Field Name Type
DC Mapping Type
Search Yes
Hide Yes

Yes. Choose “Use a controlled vocabulary from another field or collection” and select “Type.”

Definition The nature or genre of the content of the resource. Type includes terms describing general categories, functions, genres, or aggregation levels for content.

Use DCMI Type Vocabulary. 

Some digital objects may involve more than one type, e.g., a manuscript may have text and images of the text. Separate each entry by a semicolon and a space.


Still Image

Moving Image



Template Yes. If all items in a collection are of the same type, use the Template Creator to input the data once for all records
Nickname type


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