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CONTENTdm Cookbook: Time Period

7a. Time Period

This field is optional.

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Repeatable No
Field Name Time Period
DC Mapping Coverage.temporal
Search Yes
Hide No
Vocabulary Yes. Choose the shared vocabulary.
Definition The time period covered by the intellectual content of the resource.

If an authoritative version of an era is not available, create a DCMI Period-compliant heading:

  • a name, normally defined in an enumeration such as a list of artistic, cultural, historical, archaeological, geological or cosmological eras or periods, a list of ruler's names, families or dynasties, etc.
  • the limits of the interval, using either numeric or named values, the latter optionally including qualifiers such as start of, end of, middle of, etc.
  • Add these new names to the shared “Time Period” file, interspersed in alphabetical order.

Do not use "Unknown"--just leave the field blank.


World War, 1939-1945

Neolithic period
Template No
Nickname covert

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