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CONTENTdm Cookbook: Object File Name

23. Object File Name

This field is mandatory if applicable. If importing multiple files with a tab-delimited text file, every record must have an object file name.

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Repeatable No
Field Name Object File Name [or ID, or other as applicable]
DC Mapping Object File Name [this is a CONTENTdm mapping, not a Dublin Core mapping]
Search n/a
Hide n/a
Vocabulary n/a
Definition The name of the file to be imported into CONTENTdm.

Input the name(s) of the digital file(s) to be imported at the end of your database.

The file names in this field must exactly match the files themselves. If JPEGs are to be imported, the file name must end in .jpg; if full-resolution manager is enabled, and TIFFs are to be imported, the file name must end in .tif.


Template No
Nickname n/a

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