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CONTENTdm Cookbook: Date Modified

8c. Date Modified

This field is optional.

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Repeatable No
Field Name Date Modified
DC Mapping Date.modified
Search No
Hide No
Vocabulary No
Definition Date on which the resource was changed.

This may be used to distinguish among versions of a resource when multiple versions have been made available.

Follow W3C-DTF standard (ISO 8601) of YYYY-MM-DD.

Use only as much of the date as is known.

  • If only the month and year is known, use YYYY-MM.
  • If only the year is known, use YYYY.

Use a question mark to show a date is approximate or a circa date.

Use dashes to indicate uncertainty within a decade or a century.

  • YYY-?
  • YY--?

Do not use "Unknown"--just leave the field blank.

For a range of dates, put a dash in between dates.



Template No
Nickname datb

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