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CONTENTdm Cookbook: Appendix 1: Collection List Elements

Collection List Elements

The Collection List collection was created to fulfill several purposes:

  1. It creates a browsable list of collections.
  2. By listing our collections in a CONTENTdm database, we will be able to create custom queries and results at the collection level (for example, to allow users to select collections based on geographic, temporal, format, and subject characteristics).

The Collection List field properties are a modified version of those described in the preceding pages. The fields available in the Collection List are documented below:

collection list elements
Element Description
Collection Name The title of the collection. It should match the Collection field entry for items.
Collection Website See Collection Website.
Creator See Creator. Use only if the original collection materials can be ascribed to a particular creator(s). If an artificial collection is assembled for online presentation, this field can be left blank.
Description Describe the scope and content of the collection. A finding aid and/or entry in For Love of Learning can supply this information. Be sure to modify such pre-existing definitions if the digital collection varies from the physical collection.
Subject See Subject. Because this record is for the collection level, LCSH terms, which include conceptual themes, may be more applicable than LCTGM terms, which tend to describe what you see in an individual image. Select as many subjects as seem important for the main content of the collection. Existing MARC collection records or finding aids can supply this information. Geographic delimiters are appropriate for these subjects.
Location Depicted See Location Depicted. Consider including predominant location(s) rather than providing an exhaustive list.
Time Period Select the decade(s) which represent the contents of the collection.
Date This hidden field lists the individual years within each decade selected in Time Period. It is needed to make the Collection List searchable by date.
Digital Publisher See Digital Publisher.
Date Issued The date on which the digital collection was made available to the public. Follow W3C-DTF standard (ISO 8601) of YYYY-MM-DD
Date Modified If the digital collection is modified (for example, to include additional materials), please document the date those changes occurred. Follow W3C-DTF standard (ISO 8601) of YYYY-MM-DD.
Formats in Collection See Type. This is an opportunity to list all formats available in the collection.
Format See Format. This hidden field includes the MIME media types available in the collection.
Rights See Ordering Information. An existing finding aid may provide useful language.
Subjects for Browse Hidden, searchable field for the purpose of creating collection-level custom queries by topic. Use the list at CONTENTdm Browse.


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