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CONTENTdm Cookbook: Collection

12. Collection

This field is mandatory if applicable.

sample of elements that show on each field page
Repeatable Yes. When an object is part of more than one collection, use a Relation.isPartOf element for each.
Field Name Collection
DC Mapping Relation.isPartOf
Search Yes
Hide No
Vocabulary Yes. Choose “Use a controlled vocabulary from another field or collection” and select “Collection.”
Definition The described resource is a physical or logical part of the referenced resource(s).

Use to relate the item to its collection. Note that there is also a Collection Website field intended to relate the digital item to the digital collection home page.

Add collection names to the shared “Collection” file.
Examples Newton Owen Postcard Collection, University of Louisville Archives and Records Center
Template Yes. Use the Template Creator to input the data once for all records.
Nickname relati

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