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CONTENTdm Cookbook: Changes

Changes Made to the Cookbook
Date Changes Made
2018-06-14 Transferred document to HTML (TH).

Updated URLs.

Modified Dublin Core (DC) Mapping header to DC Mapping for better fit on page.

Removed references to Voyager.

Removed spaces from date range examples.

Updated URLs.

Shortened list of contributors.

Updated example for Citation Information field based on changes in version 6.

Updated instructions for Collection Website field.

Updated examples for Ordering Information field.

Updated URLs for browse lists.

Updated URLs for controlled vocabulary lists.

Removed [broken] URL for CDP Dublin Core Best Practices.

Added URL for CONTENTdm Metadata Working Group Best Practices for Creating Shareable Metadata
2010-03-25 Updated URL for Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Materials (TGM).

Modified directions for linking to controlled vocabularies in accordance with changes in 5.1.

Added section to the template for field nickname.

Removed recommendation for bracketing Titles to indicate those supplied by cataloger; added recommendation to note “Title supplied by cataloger” in Description.

Modified Ordering Information to allow for a Rights statement that does not permit ordering.


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