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About the Main Street Association Interviews

The purpose of the Main Street Association's Oral History Project is to collect anecdotal stories about people, buildings and residences that are of historical interest or exist in Louisville's historic Main Street district. In October 2003, the Main Street Association began a collection of oral narratives about the history of Main Street and its surrounding neighborhood. Because this was where Louisville's economic, social, political and cultural history began, MSA felt it was especially important to record the memories of business, residential and building owners or their descendants, especially those who have had access to primary sources. After a period of physical and economic decay and emphasis on suburban development, Main Street and its surrounding downtown streets have come alive again, and that makes it even more important to preserve its colorful history.

All existing interviews are stored on archival quality compact discs in the University of Louisville's Archives. Audio files and transcripts of the interviews are available through the Main Street Association's offices; they are also available in the University of Louisville's Archives and Special Collections research room, located on the lower level of Ekstrom Library.

If you would like to order a copy of an interview (audio or transcript), please contact Heather Fox co-director of the Oral History Center by email, or by telephone (502-852-6752). Audio copies cost $10 per interview.


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